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DHC_GraphicEnrollment is underway at Drury University for COMM 690: Digital Health Communication. This graduate level course is being offered in an eight week blended  (online & in-person) format. Class will meet on Wednesday nights beginning Oct. 26th, 2016.  Remote students may participate in classroom lectures via Skype.  Professionals working in Digital Health will also be invited to attend and interact with our students. Online assignments and discussion threads offered via Blackboard will supplement lectures and academic readings.  There are no textbooks required.

Course Description:  Information technology, including social media, mobile apps, electronic health records, genomics and big data are revolutionizing healthcare and public health. Digital technology has fundamentally changed the ways physicians, patients and consumers create and share health information.  Rapidly developing technologies combined with governmental regulations and market forces are pushing the healthcare industry in new directions. Though there appear to be myriad potential benefits, the value of digital health has yet to be fully realized.  As the healthcare industry shifts from a paternalistic one-on-one doctor/patient relationship to a digitally-empowered-health-consumer-community-based approach effective communication will continue to be crucial for all stakeholders. The purpose of this course is to help prepare communication and health professionals with the skills to understand and apply information and communication technologies in health communication contexts.

Learning Objectives.  At the successful completion of this course, students will demonstrate

  1. an understanding of digital health technologies including uses and trends
  2. a working knowledge of the digital health vernacular and key terms and acronyms
  3. familiarity with policies and trends driving the development of digital health systems
  4. an understanding of the changes currently taking place in the healthcare industry and how digital technologies are influencing health communication
  5. effective writing, research and analysis employing appropriate digital technology, to contribute to existing health communication knowledge

Course Outline (including but not limited to):

  1. Review of digital health tools and applications
    1. Electronic health records
    2. Telemedicine
    3. Mobile health apps
    4. Genomics
    5. Health information exchanges and interoperability
  2. Examine regulatory and market influences
    1. ARRA, HITECH, HIPAA, MACRA, ACA, Meaningful Use, etc.
    2. Digital Health venture funding
    3. Democratization of data
    4. Health consumerism
    5. Outcome based reimbursement
  3. Identify and analyze digital health’s influence on health communication contexts
    1. Patient/Physician (patient portals, health apps, social media, online medical data, etc.)
    2. Physician/Physician (electronic referrals, coordination of care, data sharing, clinical trials, etc.)
    3. Physician and/or Patient and pharmacist, lab, hospital, imaging center, etc. (electronic prescriptions, electronic physician’s orders, direct to consumer labs and clinics, etc.)
    4. Patient/Patient (social media, online communities, etc.)
    5. Future trends

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